Activities Boracay Island, also known as Island of White sand beach has slowly evolved from a passenger's resting place and ultimately became one of the major tourist destinations in the Philippines. There are several Boracay Island Activities and if you are planning your holiday to Boracay Island, these activities can keep you busy and entertaining during your stay there. Wind surfing, Boracay diving, sailing, mountain biking, kiteboarding and sunbathing are just some of the Boracay Island activities that you get to experience. boracay restaurant restaurants

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Wind Surfing
Recently Boracay has become famous for windsurfing venues of the country and it is now regarded as Asia's Best Windsurfing Destinations. Windsurfing adventures are most excellent with strong winds and big waves conditions which start from December to February during the monsoon season. Therefore, for promoting this sport, in January or February of every year an annual international event which is also referred as the (San Miguel Super Dry) Boracay International Fun board Cup, is held.

Boracay Diving
Rich marine life extremely visible in pure white sand is very interesting feature of Boracay Island. You can go in for scuba diving which is one of the most preferred sports in this island. Each and every dive shops, have translated info in different languages which makes it easier to understand about the diving sites. The main languages translated are French, Korean or German and is very useful to beginners as well as professional divers, for enjoying or exploring the treasures of underwater/marine life. It is astounding to see the fishes, sponges, corals and other underwater life that remains afresh in our memories for years to come. There are many diving schools where you can take training and the famous ones are the Calypso and the Red Coral Diving School.

When you plan a trip to Bora cay, it is made more exciting and thrilling by traveling around the island on board a boracay or outrigger kayaking, paddle boating, yachting or speed boating. The suitable equipments for the same are easily available on rent at various numbers of resorts at very affordable rates.

Mountain Biking
Mountain biking has also become popular in this island and there are mounting biking trips, with a guide who can show you the entire island. This sport is available for beginners as well as the seasoned bikers. These are also available on rent in many sports centers at Boracay.

All windsurfing and kiteboarding activities take place at the beautiful and gorgeous Bulabog Beach.

Under the cool shade of coconut trees, some guests wish to stretch out in the sun gazing around or just reading their favorite books. It's advised to use protective lotions and creams to avoid any damage to the skin.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and pack your luggage, head there and enjoy the island!

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