Boracay Island : Heaven on Earth In Asia the hottest tourist spot is Boracay Beach Island is off Coast of Panay Island that is approximately 1-2 kilometers via boat.Boracay Beach which is also known as White Sand Beach and is considered as the best spot on the island. The three syllable word Boracay is said to be taken from the local word borac, which means cotton, which is a reference color of the beach's' sand and itstexture. This beach is separated into 3 segments which are referred as Boat Stations. The Boracay Beach Island consists of barangays of Manoc-Manoc, Balabag and Yapak - the largest villages which are connected by a confusing network of tracks and hamlets called sitios.

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This beach located on Boracay Island has the finest white sand and continues to attract tourists who love beaches. It's sun bleached shores as they are called, consists of white powder-soft sands that never becomes hot even during afternoons. It is about 200 miles from south Manila and is off the tips of the Panay Island. Boracay Beach is one not only ideal and popular with families but also, among those who are looking for vacations and honeymoon. Though it is commonly known as Boracay Beach after the island, the two main beaches here are called White Beach and Bulabog Beach.

As White Beach faces the West, it is famous for sunset and also well-known for the shiny white sand. For nearly 3 miles, it has resorts comprising golf courses, restaurants, bars, night clubs etc. It's voted as one of the best beach in the whole world. Apart from other attractions, people drop-in just for the most famous and renowned beach here. Most of the foreign tourists who have been to this place have made this as their regular destination.

Boracay Beach Island is seven kms in length and just 1km at the narrowest point. There us yet another beach called Diniwid. The atmosphere here is not only pleasing, but also calm and located to the North of White Beach. The cost of accomodation is very low when compared to that White Beach. Punta Beach is yet another spot that is worth considering. Borocay Island is famous for it's White Puka Shells. Though it was common earlier, it's become rarer nowadays. They dig the sand to take them out for selling. The Boracay Beach Island Hotels are nothing short of the ones found elsewhere. The Island is always sporting a holiday environment and vibe and more tourists are attracted each day. This situation might change in few years, with new plans to use Concrete instead on traditional Bamboo, so lets wait and see what time has in store for us.

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